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Columbo Impersonator

Tim Beasley as Columbo

Detectives will always be a favorite “character” in fiction, be it books, movies, plays, or in the case of the lovable scruffy but ingenious “Lt. Columbo,” …TV. Peter Falk famously portrayed Lieutenant Columbo, a Los Angeles police dept homicide detective in the very popular NBC series.

Tim Beasley performs in his unique and hilarious role as “Columbo” in his professional variety celebrity impersonation. Tim as your special guest “Columbo” adds a grand element of fun to corporate events, private parties and “Detective - Police” theme special events. Tell us who you’d like to “interrogate” and we’ll custom write a great “crime” for everyone to have fun helping “Columbo” solve.


Tim Beasley as “Columbo” presents Dave Gillette his
MG Car Club group’s coveted and hilarious inside joke “Morris Award”
after solving the “Case of the Missing Medallions”

 Although disheveled, and seemingly slow-witted, your “Columbo” coolly sets up your guest with some incriminating evidence (you provide as many anctedotes and details as possible) about one of their most illustrious chapters, and “Columbo” will arrest him, but then ask audience if the law should look the other way and let him go. Typical skit is approx 5-15 minutes, and cameras always come out to capture the fun! Contact for details and more info at our contacts - e-mail - phone on this page……

Hire “Columbo” today for your special event…it’d be a “crime” not to!