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Network TV Appearances

Tim Beasley’s Celebrity Stars have appeared in many great TV commercials, creating unique hooks to grab viewers’ attention- that’s what any good TV spot should do! A fine example is the popular Beach Robo Citgo series of ads that ran for a few years. This business at the time was the #1 gasoline services retailer in the state of VA. Every few months a new Celebrity Star like Clint Eastwood and his pale white Mustang "Hoss", or Elvis and his classic Cadillac Limo, or General Patton and his troop carrier would make the scene, talking up the value of stopping and filling up at Beach Robo…This became a running "You Never Know Who You’re Gonna See at Beach Robo" tagline. Tim occasionally also starred as himself in a "guy next door" spot for them as well.

Other creative Celebrity Stars TV spots had General Patton as spokesperson for Blackwell Auto Group, a large Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, Eagle and GMC dealer, and also a "Fast Lube" center, "Lube & Oil Express".

John Lennon appeared in a mortgage company line-up and also for the Beatles Museum on PAX network, Johnny Carson was the spokesperson in a PSA for a large auto show, Star Spangled Elvis appeared in a national promotional TV spot for the Family Channel, and Tim Beasley’s Old Man Beasley character appeared in several PSA’s for the city of Virginia Beach.
Tim Beasley has always added a generous dose of fun to his TV spot appearances as humor always sells! His commercials also include radio spots and print ads as well, with clients from shopping centers to restaurants, amusement parks, car dealers and more. Be sure to also go to the homepage and explore the rest of Tim Beasley’s Celebrity Stars website. . .you’ll get TV spot ideas galore.

Let Tim and his Celebrity Stars make your ads sparkle with “Star Power!”

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