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Country Superstars


Country Superstars

Country Superstars are the celebrities of music, movies and TV that have many millions of hard working, good hearted and downright honest folks as fans, world-wide. Their country charm and character extends deep into popular culture as well, from early American history of the "Wild West" to yesterday and today's hot Nashville recording stars.

The Wild West is a very popular theme for special events and consider how well our "Clint Eastwood" could round up your gang of "The Good-Bad & Ugly" for a bang-up great party! Baby boomer's will also all remember and love the crusty and grouchy old "Doc Adams" from TV's favorite Western of all time, Gunsmoke.

Speaking of a whole generation of "baby boomers" and their children, grandchildren, too, they all know and love TV's classic comedy The Beverly Hillbillies' . "Jed Clampett" had the whole nation sayin' "Weeeeellll- doggies!" and will spice up your country-flavored party or special event with some real funnies about how his family is doin' with that home-grown charm... He'll also maybe have an "Ellie Mae, Jethro, Granny and Mr. Drysdale" look alike contest, too!

Not to forget the country music scene, who could have a country hoe-down without Texas Outlaw 'Willie Nelson," country gentleman "Kenny Rogers" or the late-great "Hank Williams Sr" and "Patsy Cline?"

How about the zany antics and hilarious stories from the Party Dinosaur, 'Old Man Beasley?" He's been there, done that for sure and will tell you some of the funnies between the old and the new, with a country-wise attitude...he's definitely one of a kind!

Yep, they're all here at TBC Stars and available to bring a truckload of charm to your country special event! Just click on the "Country Superstars" of your choice for more info, videos and more....Make your event a "barn burner" with Country Superstars!