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Celebrity Stars DJ & Klassic Karaoke


Want DJ entertainment with true show-biz pizzazz and "Las Vegas style" excitement for your special event? Celebrity Stars DJ parties offer so much more than a typical DJ simply playing music…your phone book is full of everyday cookie-cutter DJs. With our unique DJ Karaoke shows you get the extra plus of a professional "Celebrity Stars" impersonator performer as host and entertainer to wow your crowd, too!  Plus with top-notch sound and exotic special effects lighting, every show is a winner….your guests will be very impressed!

Having a theme party? Here’s some "Blast From The Past" great fun ideas for 50’s-60’s-70’s & 80’s special decade nights that happy clients have engaged many times!  With the optional Klassic Karaoke it’s the great songs of those same decades available for your guests to also become a "Celebrity Star."

Austin Powers Shagadelic Shindig

When "The International Man of Mystery" grooves, it's with the absolute best of the 60’s 70's Solid Gold Hits. It’s a time-traveling "Swingers Experience," full of fab fun, excitement and loads of laughs, as Austin plays everyone’s favorite British Invasion, Motown, Surf, Psychedelic, Disco and Bubblegum dance tunes. Invite everyone to come dressed out in 60’s 70's gear and Austin will decide the best Hippy Flower Child, Disco Divas and Secret Agent couple for prizes and super photo fun, and also conduct some "Flashback Trivia." You could even have his "British Bloke Buddies" like "John Lennon," "Tom Jones" or "Rod Stewart" make a special spotlight appearance and Austin also performs blistering renditions of 60’s 70's favorites, too!

Tim Beasley As Austin Powers

Rock N' Roll Heroes

It's a great 50’s – 60’s combo party DJ event perfect for High School Reunions, "Baby Boomer" Birthdays and Anniversaries. For 50’s parties, it’s the greatest of dance classics and surprise special spotlight performances by "Elvis, Buddy Holly or Jerry Lee Lewis" and for Super 60’s themes, "John Lennon & Tom Jones" will bring the decade back to life!

Rock N' Roll Heroes

Mr. Disco

Mr. Disco brings the 70’s glitter of NY’s Studio 54 back in a hot night of slinky dance tunes and moves, platform "boogie shoes" and polyester fashions synced to the pulse of that dynamite disco beat…the mirror ball is back in all its glory-a!

Mr. Disco

Max Bazooka’s Krazy 80’s

Max Bazooka’s Krazy 80’s has fictional lead singer "Max Bazooka", from the pseudo-glam heavy metal band "Skin Tights" hosting and rockin’ the house with AC/DC, The Go Go’s, The Clash, Blondie, Cyndi Lauper, Duran Duran, Ton Loc, Van Halen, Madonna, Prince, The Human League and every other 80’s superstars in a night of arena rock power…bring your hair spiked and sprayed for an evening of power punk and funky funk!

Mr. Flooz

Elvis’ Blue Hawaii Luau

"Elvis’ Blue Hawaii Luau has the "King" hosting a hunk a hunka Hawaiian blowout bash, and all those great "Blue Hawaii" tunes mixed with lots of beach dance favorites and exotic tropical mood music, too! Ka-hun-aaaa!!!

Elvis Karaoke

Dirty Dancing Dance Party
(with TB as famous WABC DJ "Cousin Brucie")

Any night can be a hot summer night of romance and top tunes with this super-hot dance party that'll really rev up your guests...just like in the wildly popular movie "Dirty Dancing," it's 1963 again (or think of 2007 as the 20th anniversary of this 1987 movie and best selling soundtrack!)! "Johnny," "Baby" and your gang are going to be sizzlin' on the dance floor at "Kellerman's Resort," groovin' to the cool sounds of those "top 40" 1960's tunes with Tim Beasley in his Celebrity Stars role as WABC 77 radio's top DJ, "Cousin Brucie." In case you didn't know, "Cousin Brucie" Morrow was indeed the world famous 60's DJ on the radio throughout the movie's soundtrack... Great special extras for this party DJ show include all of the soundtrack and solid gold hits from the 50's-60's decades, karaoke versions of these, too, even a special appearance of Tim also as "Bruce Chanel" singing that favorite log dancing scene tune 'Hey Baby!" Now add those elements like best costumes, dance contests," Dirty Dancin' Trivia," and a spectacular light show and you'll have your guests saying "Oh, What A Night!"

Imagine these other fantastic themes for Celebrity Stars DJ & Klassic Karaoke

"Las Vegas’ Mojo Martini Show," with host "Tom Jones" "Elvis" or "Dean Martin."
"WWII U.S.O. with General Patton" and all those 40’s hits that won the war!
"Outlaw Willie and the best of Country Gold" . . . grab your partner!
"Beach Boys Surf’s Up!" perfect "Endless Summer & Car Lovers" special party
"Hollywood Nights" movie theme party, with "Johnny Carson, Clint Eastwood"
"NASCAR Night" with "Awesome Bill Elliott or Richard Petty" spinning tunes and wheels! "Donald Trump’s New York New York Techno- Disco .  Its Billionaire Night with DT as DJ


More Than Just Music….It’s A Show