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Jim Morrison Impersonator

Jim Morrison Impersonator 

There have been a few select  bands and personalities in the world of rock & roll music that were truly unique, creating their very own sound, look, feel and signature of creativeness. The powerhouse late 60's LA based band, The Doors,  centered on Jim Morrison as his lead vocals and haunting lyrical mastery was a most powerful influence in the art, literally, of rock and roll. Their live performances were indeed a happenin' as Jim Morrison became a bigger than life legend.

Unfortunately, Jim Morrison  was to join the others of the "27" club, Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Kurt Cobain, all dying at the age of only 27, from the excesses of living life too fast.

Tim Beasley is a major fan of Jim Mr. Mojo Risin' Morrison, and is proud to thrill audiences with his full dimensional celebrity impersonation and musical tribute to him. Tim  conjures up this dead legend with a performance that feels like a  supernatural flashback to the past, with the "Lizard King" basking in the heat of the spotlight. See the video featuring a recent live performance at Abbey Road Pub in Virginia Beach, VA , a world famous Beatles theme tourists destination and popular classic rock venue.   In a totally ballistic 45-minute spotlight show, just like at the famous Whisky A Go-Go nights in Hollywood of the 60's , ladies are inclined to jump on stage with Tim as "Jim" and become honorary go-go gals! The crowds hold their breath in anticipation of the big "Mr. Mojo Risin' " crescendos that are typical blazing endings to each song, and shatter the air with their whistles and applause.


Songs Performed

Alabama Song
Back Door Man
Break On Through
Crystal Ship
Hello I Love You
L.A. Woman
Light My Fire
Love Her Madly
Love Me Two Times
People Are Strange
Riders On The Storm
Roadhouse Blues
Strange Days
The End
Touch Me
Unknown Soldier
When The Music's Over
Wild Child

As for the looks, Tim also wears those Jim Morrison-style  tight leather pants, Concho belt, poet shirt and coral beaded necklace and that same wild unkempt hair. Performing with the same physical bravado and booming tenor-baritone voice that's as soft as velvet and in an instant grinding and groaning like twisting steel, and true to the tonal memory of those momentous recordings, just imagine Tim as Jim, and have a wonderful trip back in time to the late 1960's!