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U.S. Presidents Impersonations

Tim Beasley also portrays some of the more memorable U.S. Presidents in his Celebrity Stars impersonations.


U.S. Presidents
This includes the father of our country and first President, George Washington, also the great drafter of the Declaration of Independence and third President, Thomas Jefferson. Then U.S. history moves forward to the time of Civil War with Tim's unique impersonation of President Abraham Lincoln.
Tim's a most memorable young "President Teddy Roosevelt" wearing his famous "Rough-Rider" US Cavalry khakis, and in his performance as "President Ronald Reagan" is second to none. President Bill Clinton brings us into the more liberated and controversial modern times of Presidential popularity and notoriety.
As George Washington, Tim has appeared for Wal-Mart stores, Military Base Exchanges, bank functions and more. In his Thomas Jefferson role he's been the central character for home shows, hotel promotions, too!

Abraham Lincoln Impersonator

Tim as Abraham Lincoln has shared the stage with Senator and former Secretary of the Navy John Warner and Jim Gilmore, Governor of Virginia. He also got to be the special guest attending the grand re-opening of Norfolk's Military Circle Mall, and it's traveling 1/8 scale model exhibit of the White House. Recently he was honored to be engaged by the National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade in Washington DC...It was a huge event, drawing in over 100,000 spectators, who lined the sides of historic Constitution Ave, including visibility from the White House.

Roosevelt has performed for gasoline retailers and auto dealerships as "The Rough Rider!," and also co -emceed an awards banquet for a major environmental group of Colonial Williamsburg.


Tim's popular "President Ronald Reagan" was a popular special guest on the Cox Cable TV comedy show "Hanging Loose" and has appeared in TV shows and performed vocal impressions for radio features, and a most memorable appearance for a world wide security firm's banquet at the famous "Anaheim White House" a national registered landmark over 100 years old.

Bill Clinton Combo
Tim as Bill Clinton, in his foxy gray hair and sharp tailored blue suit, got to also share stage again with VA Governor Gilmore at the Virginia International Auto Show, and also for a big equipment trade show in Williamsburg, VA.
Tim's U.S. Presidents are perfect for any patriotic event or holiday and he'll even perform the famous speeches, famous quotes of each and have fun showing the youngsters and oldsters "dollar-tricks!" Plan on having Tim as a  U.S. President for spicing up your company meeting or retail promotion!


Events Include

Wal-Mart President's Day Celebration
Kingsmill Resort corporate event
GTE Communication's "Customer Bill of Rights" promotion
Virginia International Auto Show
Elliott Equipment of Omaha, NE trade show
Beach Robo CITGO promo
Biggs Pontiac Buick GMC sale
GOP Party "Annual Abe Lincoln Dinner"
Military Mall grand re-opening, featuring touring 1/4 scale White House spacer model
Army Air force Federal Exchange Service 'President's Day Sale"